As an international authority in Educational Neuro-Science, Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen has established herself in the field of Neuro-Development. In her pursuit to serve the neuro-diverse child, she has founded EduExcellence, a private remedial school specialising in  AD/HD, children with remedial needs and those on the Autistic Spectrum, with a separate devision for more specialised needs, called EduSkills. She coined the phrase TheraEd, and developed it into a fully fledged product, currently being used in EduExcellence and taught to teachers at the TheraEd Academy.

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The Assessment Centre, a specialised assessment centre assesses learners for school placement. She pioneered and designed the iMAP and iDevelop concepts, utilised in The Assessment Centre.  These two products map the current profile of each child, and plots an individualised therapeutic program to be used by parents, teachers and therapists for each individualised child, ensuring that TheraEd is truly individual. 

The Development Centre, a fully integrated centre will assist children who have been assessed. Our personalised programs will be presented on a weekly basis, and progressed monitored. 

The Be [in] Formed series is an NEW online service for Parents, Teachers and Professionals. We have combined our experience and created interactive online forms to track symptoms in order to generate a personalised report. The report aims to inform and train with regards to the symptoms indicated, as well as action plans for a personal approach.

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