Career Assessments

How would you like to spend the next 30 years of your life? What do you want your life to look like? Is it a matter of career choice, or life choice? What contribution would you like to make to our world? What do you want to do with your life?


These are serious questions and ones that could leave many people with a great deal of anxiety. These questions are even more pertinent to school leaving individuals, who are expected to, at the tender age of 16 and upwards decide on something as important as “the rest of my life!”



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Group Assessment:

The assessments are done in groups of up to six people on one Saturday a month.

Assessment Duration:

Depending on your work speed and level of attention, these questionnaires can take up to 8 hours to complete. An individual consultation would be done as part of the 8 hour session.


Feedback Session:

A feedback workshop will be scheduled afterwards where you will receive an individualised a report.

Please send an email to to book an assessment!

Current trends indicate that the average person changes careers up to 8 times during their work lifespan. The most important aspect about choosing a career path is to understand what would speak to your passion and fall within your strengths. In our Renaissance Era where we are not even aware of all the possible career options in the future, it makes far better sense to understand yourself than to get stuck in the notion that one career choice will outlive your earning life-span. Self-awareness and self-knowledge are therefore critical in this process of discovery and life planning.


Due to the complexity of the human being, a one-directional, single approach is often not comprehensive enough to even begin to describe the unique aspects of individuals. For this reason, it is important to take a number of aspects in consideration such as personality, interest, aptitude and intellectual ability. In order to obtain a glimpse of all these factors, we use a wide variety of questionnaires to point us in the most appropriate direction and to open up discussions about possible career choices. The best possible approach would also consist of job shadowing once we have established a possible career direction.

Teenagers future.png