Formal Training

D Ed (Educational Psychology)

University of South-Africa (UNISA) 2007

M Ed (Educational Psychology)

University of Pretoria 2000

B Ed Psych (Ortodidactic)

University of Pretoria 1993

B Prim Ed (Pre-Primary)

University of Pretoria 1991

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Additional Training & Conferences

Advanced Emotional Intelligent Parenting  -  Robin Booth

Emotional Intelligent Parenting  -  Robin Booth

IPP -  The Structure of Intellect - SOI systems - Springfield

The Structure of Intellect - Intermediate -  Trainer status - SOI systems - Springfield

Heart Intelligence Coach  - The Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence

Parent Enrichment Programme  -  Village Waldorf School

Gift of Dyslexia - Davis Dyslexia Association International

Advanced Quantum Biofeedback Training - Human Growth, Development and Recovery  (Quantum Biofeedback) - NBCB - USA

Nutrition, Digestion, Cardio Vascular, Degeneration, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Clinical  Integration - IMUNE - USA

EEG Biofeedback Certificate - ADD Centre, Canada

Berard Auditory Training - Berard AIT, France

The Structure of Intellect  -  SOI systems - Canada

Certified HANDLE practitioner  -  The HANDLE Institute, USA

Clinical Hypnotherapy  -  The Wellness Institute - USA

Windows to our Children Play Therapy - Violet Oaklander  -  The Centre for Play Therapy and Training - USA

Working with Sexual Abused Children -  Homeyer & Associations

Learning Ability Battery (LAB) Course  -  Lead the Field Africa

Filial Therapy  -   Education Unlimited

Advanced Play Therapy  -   Education Unlimited

Play Therapy  -  Education Unlimited

Group Management Skills  -  HRD Resource Centre

Developmental Touch Therapy  -  Education Unlimited

Griffiths Mental Development Scale  -  Association of Research in Child Development

Vision Fitness Programme  -   Vision Fitness Training

Short Term Therapy with Oppositional & Defiant Children and Adolescents  - Education Unlimited

Techniques & Strategies to Help the Angry Child  -  Education Unlimited

Conferences Presented

2020 - Budapest Hungary - 2nd European Autism Congress -  Presented the iMap and iDevelop concept - Received special recognition for phenomenal keynote presentation and contribution to the field. 

2015 - London UK - Berard International Conference in London on Auditory Integration Training - Utilisation of AIT within a school Context.

Professional Work Experience

2017 - Present

International Trainer​ in the Structure of Intellect

2006 - Present

Founder and CEO at EduExcellence School.

​2014 Established EduExcellence Noordhoek Campus

2007 Established EduExcellence Lynnwood Campus

1999 - Present

Senior Educational Psychologist in private practice (Gauteng & Western Cape)

Fields of Specialisation (due to limited time, full spectrum services can not be offered at this point in time)

  -  Neuro-Developmental Assessment and home-based programmes

  -  Auditory Integration Training Assessment and programmes

  -  Structure of Intellect Assessment (SOI) and Programme

  -  Griffiths Assessment

2009 - 2016

Professional Course Presenter at Centre for Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT)

ILT1 Training: Presenting

ILT2 Training: Co-designer of training manuals and co-presenter

2009 - Present

Professional Course Designer and Presenter for TheraEd Academy


Part Time Lecturer at University of Pretoria, Gauteng

  -  Education Honours Level

  -  Psychology 3rd year

  -  Child Development 3rd year

1993 - 1999

Head of Campus - Kidicol ECD Centre, Pretoria, Gauteng

1992 - 1993

Lecturer at Vocational College, Pretoria, Gauteng

Educational Experiences


Month long educational tour of the UK in order to investigate best practice in Early Childhood Development


Went back to the UK and brought a new concept in ECD to South Africa, called the Kidicol Playbus. This concept provided free, much needed ECD facilities to children in rural areas.


An Eco-systemic Approach to Addressing Attentional Difficulties and Heightened Motor Activity

My Personal Story