My Story

I started my career in Pre-Primary teaching, but was drafted to start lecturing at a college by one of my lecturers. I trained ECD teachers in Gauteng and as a member of the executive team was asked to open a Pre-Primary school so that the students can do their in-service training. I opened Kidicol ECD Centre and by the time I left we had around 360 children on the “then” largest Pre-Primary building in the Southern Hemisphere. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to launch exciting projects, such as the Kidicol Playbus that served underprivileged children in and around Pretoria, and assisting children housed in prisons. As university lecturer I also lectured and mentored Educational and Psychology students of the University of Pretoria. During that time I completed by B Ed Psych and Masters.

The call to do my own thing was strong, so I opened up my first private practice. It was during this time that I realized that the training I received was not adequate to optimally assist learners with barriers. My daughter Zoë was born and her developmental milestones, combined with the awareness that traditional training was not enough, prompted me to complete an additional year internship where I specialised in Neuro-Development. I completed my Doctoral studies and by then the desire to implement what I have learned and the model (TheraEd) that I designed into a school setting prompted me to open EduExcellence.

The rest is history.

I love what I do.

I am fortunate to have a passion and a purpose.


The fact that I can make a visible difference in the lives of the many children and their parents that I am blessed to meet every day, inspires me.


My passion for understanding the root causes of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, symptoms associated with the Autism Spectrum has lead me on a journey that I never could have anticipated.


On this journey I have discovered the many gifts and talents these children have hidden deep inside of them, and it is our duty to unlock those gifts and make these gifts visible and available to the world.


I believe.